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My name is Sam Tindle but people call me Sammy. Thanks for checking out my site, I live in madison, WI and work as an oil economist at Expera Solution (American Heating Oil).

This blog was created and built for the American Oil Facts - a U.S.-based oil advocacy group that promotes the efficient and smart use of oil for residential, business, and industrial consumption. American Oil Facts have been advocating and spreading knowledge about the oil industry. And just recently, the group is showing support on the traditional use of oil for home heating, but this time incorporating new technologies in order to guarantee an environment-friendly burning of this fuel for keeping homes warm and comfortable all throughout the cold season.

This website is specifically designed for spreading valuable information, not just on heating oil, but also the different home heating systems and the respective energy and fuel sources they utilize to produce warmth and comfort for American homes. As an advocacy group, the American Oil Facts explicitly promotes the use of oil in residential heating. But in doing so, there will be a comprehensive discussion of all the other heating systems and the way they operate, the purpose of which is to give readers a complete view of the available options for them when in need of a new heating equipment or system at home. So for those looking for valuable information about heating, this blog will help.

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